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      Your location:Home >CNBMEP Holds the Jiangsu Provincial Local Stard "Emission Stard of Air Pollutants in Cement Industry" Proposal Discussion Meeting
      CNBMEP Holds the Jiangsu Provincial Local Stard "Emission Stard of Air Pollutants in Cement Industry" Proposal Discussion Meeting

      On April 22, Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province hosted the Jiangsu provincial local standard "emission standard of air pollutants in cement industry" video proposal discussion meeting in Nanjing. Yang Haoming, Deputy Director of the Atmospheric Environment Division of Department of Ecology and Environment of Jiangsu Province, presided over the meeting.

      The proposal discussion meeting aims to review the work progress of standard compilation, clarify the next work plan, and ensure the smooth completion of standard compilation work. Present at the meeting were Mo Hua from Environment Engineering Assessment Center, Jiang Mei from Institute of environmental standards, Wang Tijian from Nanjing University, Lu Jilai from Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics, Li Li from Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science, Zhi Xiao from China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., Zhou Liwei from China Building Materials Federation, Chen Yourong from South Cement Co., Ltd., and Zhu Zunfeng from China United Cement Corporation Operation Center.

      Zhang Zhigang, director of CNBMEP, reported the project background, necessity, feasibility, research basis, technical route and specific implementation plan. After hearing the report, the experts fully affirmed the preliminary research work conducted by the compilation team, unanimously agreed with and voted through the proposal, and put forward specific suggestions for the follow-up work. The expert group stated that the compilation team should further improve the investigation of the current situation of cement enterprises in Jiangsu province, strengthen the investigation of non-organized emission measures, and then deepen the analysis of the technical economy benefits of the reduction of atmospheric pollutants and the environmental benefits after the implementation of the new standards in cement industry on the basis of the investigation.

      Attending the meeting were Director Xia Mingfang and Yuan Liang, from Standard Compilation Project Competent Authority-Atmospheric Environment Division of the Department of Ecology and Environment, Dean Wang Zhigang, Xu Zhen, from Standard Compilation Project Integrated Management Unit-Guo Dian Environment Protection Research Institute, and Deputy Chief Engineer Wang Bin, Zheng Meiling, Wang Dongge, from Standard Compilation Team-CNBMEP.

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