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      Your location:Home >CNBMEP Wins the Bid for the Ultra-Low Emission Projects of BAOSTEEL
      CNBMEP Wins the Bid for the Ultra-Low Emission Projects of BAOSTEEL

      On February 13, CNBMEP won the bid for the ultra-low emission environmental protection project of 150MW gas generating set of Baosteel Power Plant (subsidiary of Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.).

      Baosteel Power Plant is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai. It is a self-provided power plant of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. This project is a new environmental protection project for the No. 5 gas generating set of Baosteel Power Plant. After a large number of technical route investigations and demonstrations, multiple rigorous technical communications and business negotiations, the consortium formed by CNBMEP and XINZHONGJING stood out from many bidders.

      This project adopts CNBMEP's high-efficiency, low-consumption semi-dry desulfurization technology. This process is efficient in desulfurization and dust removal, and has no wastewater discharge and white smoke plume. It also has the advantages of low investment, stable and reliable operation. After the project is completed, the SO2 emission value will be less than 35mg / Nm³, and the particulate matter emission value will be less than 5mg / Nm³.

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