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      Your location:Home >CNBMEP Wins the Only Special Prize of the Scientific Technological Progress Award Issued by the Ministry of Education in 2019
      CNBMEP Wins the Only Special Prize of the Scientific Technological Progress Award Issued by the Ministry of Education in 2019

      On December 24, 2019, the Ministry of Education of China officially announced the list of awards for the outstanding achievements in scientific research (science and technology) of universities in 2019. The project “Key Technologies for Deep Treatment of Multi-Pollutants in Flue Gas and Its Application in Other Industries Except for the Electric Power Industry” jointly obtained by Tsinghua University, CNBMEP and other units won the only special award of the Science and Technology Progress Award.

      The Ministry of Education's awards have extremely high value and are mainly awarded to individuals and units that have made outstanding contributions in scientific discovery, technological invention, promotion of scientific and technological progress, and implementation of patented technology. There are 315 awards in 2019, including 120 natural science awards, 49 technology invention awards, 136 science and technology progress awards, and 10 youth science awards.

      CNBMEP initiated the dry process conditioning of glass furnace flue gas, coupled with SCR DeNOx technology, effectively reducing the viscosity of fine particles and the concentration of sulfur trioxides, realizing the coordinated deep treatment of multiple pollutants and long-term operation of equipment. This award is a high recognition of CNBMEP's achievements in research and development of glass furnace flue gas treatment technology, and also a great encouragement for CNBMEP to overcome the technical problems of multi pollutant flue gas treatment! CNBMEP will continue to increase R & D efforts and innovation to contribute to the "Blue Sky".

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