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      Your location:Home >CNBMEP Attends the 8th Flue Gas Pollution Control Technology Management Innovation Conference
      CNBMEP Attends the 8th Flue Gas Pollution Control Technology Management Innovation Conference

      On October 26th, the 8th Flue Gas Pollution Control Technology and Management Innovation Conference organized by the National Engineering Laboratory for Multi Flue Gas Pollutant Control Technology and Equipment was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu. As the member of the National Engineering Laboratory, CNBMEP was invited to participate in this conference and make a report.

      The participants of the conference exchanged views on the ultra-low emission control technology and industrial status of flue gas in steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals and electric power industries and discussed the policy standards, technical difficulties and project application of the flue gas deep treatment. Zhang Zhigang, Dean of CNBMEP, was invited as the representative of the building materials industry to make a report. He introduced the current situation and development trend of glass furnace flue gas treatment technology from four aspects: the pollution characteristics and emission reduction requirements of flue gas, the status quo of flue gas treatment technology, application cases, prospects and suggestions. In view of the future development of flue gas treatment in building materials industry, he pointed out that the flue gas treatment route should take into account the technicality and economy, and prevent the transfer of pollutants, so as to provide support for the green and sustainable development of building materials industry.

      The theme of this conference is to implement the "Three-Year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defence War", comprehensively promote the comprehensive management of industrial furnace flue gas pollution, and accelerate the green development of the industry. The market, technology and R&D personnel of CNBMEP participated in this meeting.

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