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      Your location:Home >CTIEC & Thyssenkrupp Sign Cement Kiln Flue Gas SCR Strategy Cooperation Agreement
      CTIEC & Thyssenkrupp Sign Cement Kiln Flue Gas SCR Strategy Cooperation Agreement


      On July 10th, China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG held the signing ceremony of strategy cooperation framework agreement on cement kiln flue gas SCR. Peng Shou, president of China National Building Material Co., Ltd.,and board chairman of Triumph Technology Group Company and China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and signed the agreement with Frank Ruoss, sales director of engineering technologyglobal business of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG. CTIEC Environmental Protection Research Institute (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and CemCat Company participated in the signing ceremony as subsidiaries of the two parties.

      Peng Shou pointed out in his speech that thyssenkrupp, as a world-leading diversified industrial group, has rich experience in the treatment of flue gas in the cement industry. In this cooperation, the two sides should fully explore their own advantages and in-depth cooperation research and development, further explore more suitable cement kiln flue gas treatment technology for China's national conditions, and strive to become the industry model and leader, so as to provide more technical support for China's cement environmental protection cause.

      Frank Ruoss thanked Peng Shou for his warm reception. He said that CTIEC, as the world’s largest cement producer, has become a pioneer in environmental protection and it is their honor to be a partner of CTIEC’s cement environmental protection business. He hoped that the two sides will take this opportunity to deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

      CemCat, a wholly-owned subsidiary of thyssenkrupp group, is dedicated to promoting the development and practice of SCR denitrification technology in the cement industry with more than 13 years of successful project experience. According to the agreement, CTIEC Environmental Protection Research Institute and CemCat will actively participate in and fully carry out the cooperation of pilot test research and demonstration project, accelerate to breakthrough the bottleneck of China's cement kiln smoke SCR denitrification technology, as soon as possible to build China's cement kiln smoke SCR denitrification technology industry benchmark.

      Stephan Lechner, global CEO of thyssenkrupp subsidiary Maerz, and Daniel Schneider, head of CemCat; Hu xuan and wang lingfeng, senior managers of thyssenkrupp engineering technology (China) co., LTD. Zhang hao, director of international cooperation department of triumph technology group; Zhang zhigang, President of CTIEC Environmental Protection Research Institute and Pu xiangkai, vice President attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.

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